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Maddie’s Free Grant Readiness Workshop

Let Grantli ensure your organization is truly worthy of funding.


“I have learned a lot about grants over the past few years, but nothing comes close to the clear cut advantage that you offer.”

Neil Van NiekerkExecutive Director, 2DegreesC

Dear Fundraiser,

Fundraising and grant writing may seem like a daunting task. But what if I told you that you are doing it wrong? Getting money for your organization doesn’t actually begin with asking for a donation or submitting a grant proposal.

A runner doesn’t just show up on the day of the marathon expecting to do well, but instead spends time training and preparing, so that come race day they are ready.

You too can’t simply ask donors for money or apply for a grant without first taking specific steps.

My free grant readiness workshop will demonstrate just how important getting your ducks in a row is and at the same time, I will share specifics tools and teach you how to use them to make your organization grant worthy, re-framing your messaging so as to ensure funders will want to partner with you.

Join me for my quick four-part workshop (lessons are less than 10 minutes), as I walk you through the process, and together, we can make sure that your organization is worthy of funding and truly grant ready. No more rejections!

See you inside!


The UVP formula has made me realize that every organization can be funded, provided it crafts its mandate beyond its daily operations.

Dale W.

I am learning about grant writing in the hope of starting my own grant writing business. This seems like a great first step!

Joseph Q.

Your tips are so helpful! As someone who is new to the whole grant process, your site has been a great resource.

Taylor NaragonMiami Valley Meals

Maddie, you are a true inspirational speaker! I feel so empowered to fill out grant proposals now.

Melva B