Philosophy & Approach

Well done! We have completed Step 1 of the Grantli Writing System (Introducing Your Organization) by carefully describing “who you are,” “what you do,” and “why you do it.” By providing explanations that answer those questions, you will present a solid introduction to your organization and hopefully pique the interest of the readers to dig deeper into your proposal. Step 1 is extremely important, since it establishes your organization as a credible entity and sets the stage for what is to come in the rest of the proposal. 

Note: Exactly where this written material plugs into your proposal will be covered much later in the course, in “Step 16 – Finalizing The Grant Application.”

Having gone through this deep dive of your organization’s mission and history and philosophy, you will have a solid idea of exactly where your organization stands and what it does and can do in the immediate future, all of which is integral to your grant research.

But before we dive into the grant search, we will need to determine your grant readiness as well as unpack specifically what your organization would use a grant for.