Grantli’s Organization Info Form

To set ourselves up for a successful search, we will take everything we have learned in KNOW to create a 1-page Organization Info Form. Most likely, the language you drafted during the KNOW phase will be a little lengthy, so it is important to pare it down to the most important elements: your mission and an overview of the organization (population served, key activities, staff expertise, and major accomplishments). Here is a version using our South Health example.

This document will serve various functions. As an internal tool, it can be shared with fellow staff, your board, or partner organizations to ensure everyone is on the same page as you move forward with your grant development efforts. It also has the necessary content to create an elevator pitch used in all communication with subsequent potential funders via email or over the phone. I will get into more details about how best to communicate with funders later, once we have created a short list of funders. For now, as we focus on the grant search, our Organization Info Form will provide a clear and honed idea of who we are and what we do. This form will be the perfect pairing with the Project Fact Sheet you created in Step 2 (Exploring Your Options). One describes your organization, while the other outlines your proposed project.

We are now set up to identify the best keywords to conduct effective searches that will lead to identifying the most suitable grants. 

STOP – Your turn: Download and fill out your own version of the Organization Info Form using your prepared language from the KNOW phase. It will also be useful to have the Project Fact Sheet completed as well. You will need both for the next section.